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Garnet Lryics

On god masked on with the task Freedom be mine at last They praying at my mass Fishing low see got bass She a reel a yes I cast Sitting thinking about my past Cant you see im free at last Hopped out that matrix fast Tired of driving that corporation gas So I mad my corporation chast Sunset tracks while I bask Look at screen schedule task See you thristy need this flask Rocket ship im a blast She talk back a little sass Attend my shows thats my mass Quarter back I throw quick pass She on my stage showing ass She popped in my casette She vibe with me all nignt headset We play all night a playset She wants me all day not seperate Flowing streams thats my outlet Dread on me you cant duplicate Fishing you with this pellet They look at you a degenerate She look at you oh so passionate They treat you like subordinate Look at you with the worst hate Jot on you this my pamphlet I teach you try to delegate Romeo she is capulet She look at you but she moderate She a cake yes she velvet Floating you yes im ovethead Hopped on tracks see you desperate See that soup im consummate Toss it aside like a subset They treat you likena bigot See your funds they depreciate Pull it in im a magnet I like you she is thickset Drive by you with confederate Aim on you I am accurate Casted you be an outset Www thats my internet Shave on you got that mullet Embed you tracks like garnet I paste you yes you intricate They blow you with they masthead

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