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Box Seat Lryics

Im that driver see you backseat Lay my verses in bed broadsheets He a little raskel buckwheat He watching all my shows box seat Running this track you cant compete Left they kids they deadbeats She love me long time discreet 2022 my cash will not deplete She stay in my room she suite She snap chat we tweet My verses cold they cause sleet Drop them chips she mesquite Spend it all with receipts She likes them back shots no retreat Cascade I'm spreading sheets Do this at home my worksheet I'm that man in the street They shot him down window seat Broken shards in the streets Blood drained in the streets Tossing shots they in heat They keep it sloppy keep it neat She high up in nosebleed Cany forfeit this game or concede Got that horse power all on my steed Goy big ole family going to feed Black and white see you cant read

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