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Immortal Lryics

Reincarnate my body I'm immortal Highlander chopping off that head immortal Haters want to fight kombat immortal Eye got you in my sites immortal They tussle they fight immortal Cant hold that weight immortal Mixing that pot immortal Sign up travel that portal immortal Tokens hand out cordial immortal Reaching heights eat ambrosia immortal She wants it from head to toe immortal Galaxy hyperdrive immortal Cryostasis body stay whole immortal Jax head to toe immortal Can't catch me im that fast immortal Endurance I out last immortal To yall throw quick pass immortal Static on track raiding immortal Monster on my tracks immortal 40o hundred how about that immortal On my stage stop that poor age immortal That bear ate my poor wage immortal Charging on track like boars immortal Invincible my legacy immortal Game this my Sega sea immortal Massive role this my game immortal Slashing enemies right back gaining stats immortal You hurting see spin right back immortal You dont say thank you not welcome immortal Tank blasting on tracks immortal Angel spreading my wings immortal

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