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Pressure Lryics

Dropping them verses for my pleasure Tabbing it down my ledger Wax on apply that pressure Not a ameatuer let me reassure Hold that weight thats my stucture Loving all thise tracks like a texture See spin right back just a gesture Soring high wings of a feather Not post that page guess your error Candy sweet this real sugar She swallow that pipe Im mario she super She let me dive into that mixture See that she click into my banner She leave me open she a rider She cast those spells with composure She backstab me she puncture She suck my fat she is blubber She talk back with no grammar Cant pick up that phone no answer Cant count to 10 this anger She take 50 i get remainder I make her cough taste that pepper Im diving into all her sectors She dime after quarter She hold that bag my collector She a girl scout a badger She pop all night a cracker She wear makeup she glamour Blazing strong she a flicker She call me master take my splinter She snap chat me no filter She take the cermon from this minister She liking all this swager She a crime I under cover She cut me down this timber She change clothes she a drinker

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