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Resevoir Lryics

That well be a resevour Open up the can a jar Shopping browse all my bazzaar Million shininh that all star Slice it down scimitar Cut they throat scissor Heart beat tough on that footbar She open up for that nutbar Im.that hustler wear that blazer See you frat below the par Tesla drive all night no hands on the car Built this up from the ground my street car I am a train you registrar She drink all night my minibar 430 thats my trackbar Got more tracks im that superstar Push that weight interbar They eating all night my cookie jar Pole vault leap that highbar My web be a concept car On the that club car They cant catch me with that cop car She drinking on my juice bar She dance all night a pole star I lend her out she my test car Souring high on that wing bar Most want it few above par This my verses I call the bar Got that tornado wave gustar She shine down like a morning star Follow me that north star Cant dry me with that towel bar Knocking out these niggas leave a scar Cant cross that bridge to far We know how bean stalks are Theh light up that mason jar She pray all night my temple bar She play me that guitar Checking out that silver star

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