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Critical Lryics

I do so fast its critical Stacking weight every year fiscal She knows im her boss my school im the principal She making laws with my capital Think im a litte kid a little rascal Cant count to 10 im radical She ride my train on thw terminal She never leaves my side dismissal Everything I do be original She working it out physical Hand to that head im her general Driving my car D im initial She smells real good all the essentials She jot all night on my journal She down to earth so natural Hold her body that potential We backstage cobfidential She cash my tracka clerical If any condition its equal Stacking weight see you fractional Hold my flag you see im national Steal your money you take rational She got not assets collateral She work that business conmercia Only going up stay vertical Many kids see got several Everything I do cananical Spin all day like a carnival Charging up to a whole new level They watch my shows they local She a anti yes she social She want it all of the total She sing on tracks yes she vocal Busting shots got the arsenal But see that violence be abnormal Wear my suit stay formal She love my drip apparel She wants my inside internal Write any condition she functional Build it up from the gravel She at my side stay lateral Everything I want is taxable Casting spells see im magical To the level do it maximal Kiss on her kneck that abdominal She think im cold yes obominal My freedom dont need approval See right through you periphreal Got the whole world i stay spherical To tell death my funeral She sit my couch she sectional She come to conclusions she skeptical She a spy she stay tactical Rocking boat stay unstable

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