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Geez Lryics

Dripping wet Im fancy Intermeddiate I do so easy They got they hands in the air so crazy She loves them gifts everyday she happy Holding the whole world that weight heavy 426 you see not lazy Cashing all my tracks for my baby Punch you in the stomach they bully Backstab me man you dirty Hungry your soul stay empty You wear a fake smile see you not friendly Pray to the lord have mercy Bled for yall the almighty Joker card on deck stay silly Break my weed down like it sticky Catch my wave we clean we tidy She wear makeup think she ugly Im a beast to me she beauty Holding squeezing on her body Traveling alnight I carry Backflipping haters stay contray Photogenic the police cant cop me Homicide she lay bled daily Sunset my eyes close so early Hold me down dont need your envy Casting frost on you niggas I flurry Win the fight got all the glor Spin all night you see me in a hurry She touch my strap she stay jockey She open wide for all this jolly She hold on tight like a monkey She swallowen all of this honey She bow down for the courtesy She stay hot next to me cozy Because I know only God chose me

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