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Nero Dubb


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190,878 streams

253 tracks

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Drill Lryics

Here we go its another drill Tin hut major payne you feel To hot this pan our verses you feel Jot it down write no penil Flying on track boy we reaching the ceil He blue on track a little tranquil Hatred on my tracks you embecil Jumping out the sea like a seel She shopping at my basket at the goodwil Software my tracks no reinstall Blazing on tracks you a buzkil She you sitting on my tracks at standstill Smell me right back with your nostril She spin on my tracks like a pinwheel Many talents had to reskill She drive in on track left turn Churchill She evil on track like the devil Frosty on my tracks with the cold chill She a drug on track with the benzil Eating on my tracks its a bone meal Adrenaline on track never chillpill Im shifting on track with the gear wheel

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Nero Dubb


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