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Pepper Spray Lryics

She the a surgeon she grau She like marry but astray This my playground where I play This my pepper watch me spray Watch me float up up away Watch me mold you just like clay Sunset I do until day Php that be my array Taught myself never passes a essay She a real spice like ole bay She catch my screens I display Next to me im bed she lay We all got bills that rent to pay Life aint for free I say My horizon view I survey Eat her at night a buffet She delicate sweet no decay Meet me half or midway That back talk be hear say See spin right back no delay If you succeed join fray The be my christmas holiday He a pastor watch he pray Verses all night watch me slay Poke me all day like pay Thats our friendship you betray Do myself I breakaway She wear a wedding dress throw bouquet Thats not me I say neigh Half of me you wont take away Help me now like replay Drop that bomb a richotte They.hear me now far away That dance my tracks a ballet She take it off that lingire She a model on broadway Im that wolf you coyote

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