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Decoy Lryics

She late night wanting this joy She open wide for all of this toy See armstrong like alloy Cant catch me my decoy Dropping bomb they re deploy Flocking masses they heard boy Box it all carboy stacking weight call me bus boy Paparattsi on the news boy Got my bag like a school boy Spin it all I emplo Horizon view be wideboy See you trying to be the starboy Pay me now not your slave boy Winning show my quarterboy You frown all day a little joy My birthday everday jump for joy Rest in piece tears of joy 501 see 3 like Pomroy Target all search and destroy Snatch your splean you lab boy Cash it all my daughters joy They using you as decoy Do not mean to kill your joy Eat you up like hoy choy They hitting you like a beach toy They ride on you like scooterboy She carry baby bundle joy All my time would you enjoy She stand right up jump for joy Im that rock got earthboy Im too quick track boy She a pie I really enjoy

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