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Stop the shooting in my area Aggression be alittle extra Bullets flying taking cover Lose they parents so they foster Chained up dogs with neck and collar Steal that wealth that white collar Mask on im a stranger Vibrate your ears causing pleasure Jot my tracks this my ledger Ask me questions I shall answer Turn that page a whole new chapter Little gray guess they elder Og status check my swaeger Cashing quotas evey quarter She my mission a adventure She sit on me like that furntiure Going fast im her pitcher We all bleed red yes we similar Hatred stink with that odor She a gold digger metiocre She see my shows guess Im popular Blasting of into that outer She hold me down a enclosure She save my data in thar folder She a animal I discover They back talk me they slandar She snap back like a lobster She kiss me sweet like peach cobbler She cut me down like a barber He a nutty proffessor She miss perdie my commander

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