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Nero Dubb


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190,753 streams

253 tracks

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Special Session Lryics

Heading towars the fire They call it aggression They holding in there stomach compression Hand on that star thats my impression She a slow tutor special sessio n Life is stressful brother struggled with the manic depression Turning in the assignment with completion They fighting in the hallways outside starting commotion Already the one got thay third eye awoken She wants it all even at extension Pressing her keys we turning to friction She a tramp step on me trying to make an impression She catch my sites checking to all my inventions Backflipping haters with all the deflections She twerking on me all night all the distractions Surfing on me she got the traction She milking on me I drink it up lactation She wants my pi and all the partitions He guilty she say with no objection Standing hire she love that erection She a rainbow what all the divisions She want my autograph I sign all the petitions She see me standing ontop of all the pavilions She want marriage but thats an old tradition She wear makup got all the seductions Nose up she got all the rejections Winter forcast got all the predictions She smacken me down got all the afflictions More zest she soap got all the religions Pull it back causing then retraction Shine down on my neck is my talisman Eating every night at every reception Cant find my module thats why I see no exception Lost minds caught up in that transfusion


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