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Smells Like Teen Spirit Lryics

Here we are now entertainers Cash is on the floor the no brainers You see me push to the limit Im a martian i came to visit Hold her she is my dearest She smack me down verval deliberate She talk to board she not coherent She mobile insect she cricket She tablet in face cant hear what She cashing my shows my tickets She see me on stage I inhibit Fuck all wars prohibit Meat is sizzling in this skillet Im het battleship she frigate Bleeding out you feel rushed Shots to the head you brushed Pissed down your throat a clear cut She from the westside she wicked See those old timers unclear what You wasted your time those beer guts Sit alone all day cimplict See this my coury watch me pivot See you brown austere but Platinum rain with the big hut They lined in rows tin hut She wanting that ring from Jarod She wants shiney veggies carrot She likes those backstrokes in her hut She wants my serum in rut