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Yes Please Lryics

I want it all, yeah want it all girl yes please. Hold your body thats all that I need. Paused for about 19 Nero Dubb your in a battle She first class out seattle She flowing all night on my paddle She put that wax on I straddle She facedown on that barrel Coming my soul she dazzle Im digging her dirt like gravel This too easy not facil She a snake cobra I rattle This my comedy chapelle She watch me all night crackle She buy me things for my satchel She wearing my chain my tassle Backflipping haters they hackle She wear me long time apparel Kissing all upon that navel Robinhood this my black hull She a token a raffel Kissing all upon that clavical Got her dripping I cold ice panel Got her up all night she gaggle Her heart broken its fragile She see my dream a carol She jot on me that papel Cursive lines I entangle My class big yours has 3 Ls Stacking trophies on my mantle This a gify I unravel

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