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Sanctuary Lryics

I pass by you look away The world seem not friendly to Raise your head up bruh ok Watch she take off all that brawl I say She want that tip I say ok She twerking in my lobby She know I like it sloppy Cut them lights off she can chop me She a real noodle pastrami She a princess she beauty Glory at my recess do you agree Paid my fee for my entry They spin it all day not guilty My rain stormy yes she muddy Ali sting she got my honey Tripped up them stairs she a little clumsy That chapelle at my comedy Ar that door my delivery This not my final fantasy My fiber got it directly Know it all the philosophy I'm stacking on the currency My daughter black hair she curly An my son got my energy Hold that key to my identity Assets all of my propriety Your tracks are not shabby See my tracks stay hot they spicy Cooked them up this my specialty They hopped on my commodity Eat it up this my delicacy She high all day she drowsy Cash my tracks this my sanctuary Not han solo got my calvary

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