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Roy Lryics

She touching on me I'm a hot boi She suck me long time she like it salty with soy She love my jokes she laugh coy This my insurance stacking Roy I'm a seller touch that pan I'm a hot boy She plays me at might I am her toy She hop on my coal I'm a hot boy She clicking on my banner she my hot girl She foxy see those tails dressed with them curls She love me long time my nigga that is your girl She wanting glamour jewels she flossy with Pearl's She call me hot boy them deep strokes making her hurl She bounce the banner make it spiral She bonnie we getting all the capital She wants all the essentials She a cardinal on my counsel She love me long time she social She floating high up in a bubble Hit man I'm that professional Got them locked down in my kennel She love me longtime she playful Them corporations treat me like a criminal Cashing flows they be reciprocal My fountain I'm youthful My pairs be so fruitful My reign is colossal Earthquake creating that crackle

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