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Splash Lryics

Let me get those cakes in a batch Twerk it up and down splash Back it up till its cached Encrypt that body I rehash Pedal to the floor whip lash She want deposits in cash She shining got my necklace Animator adobe flash Fucked your girl sour smash That booty sire s creating flash She pick it right back up taking out the trash She back it up emergency I dispatch She a real candy sour patch Call me Bruce leroy that bullet catch I'm busting in the guts and her stomache Hold her up like she a good catch Choking on her neck she panic She love it natural to organic She a doll wrapped in plastic Her body she stopping the traffic Hit it on table periodic She my poison alcoholic She freeze right there she artic She sunrise she tropic Trending she is a hot topic Snapchat she call me a fanfic My out reach transatlantic She turn around photogenic She love me long time she love sick

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