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Body Lryics

At night I guess she naughty You see my toppy I like it sloppy My hobby your body Accelerating tracks in my Audi I'm wiping off her tears with the scottie Wrestling with her she a hottie Looking at that page isna draughty Hot desert wat out in Saudi Her favorite position is the doggie We make our own flicks paparazzi Up all night without the coffee Stacking tracks my inventory Plug all the holes cant be faulty Love me long time your auntie She wants me home alone mcauley Making change casino slot we Dripping wet look me sport he Got your tounge out salvatory Aim on target got my calvary Fall down a little sore he Man up you need to walkie Got me tussling fought he Detecting mike lowrie She sipping on my strong tea Different words thesaurus Look at me got the glory

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