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Pillow Lryics

Eye look into your eyes you got me mesmerised Fast food driven through can I get you super size See I like them all pass bi She see me my hands cant pry Want you all not long oh my Staring at the screen she watching all my shows We getting into it I'm ripping of her clothes She take it fast or take it slow She facedown in that pillow Lick it up and down below Generating my tracks no repo Climb mountain for my people Million stars you see we equal Sign up to my sites we plow Gifts all year wrapped in a bow Cannot pause I just press go Too many debts that we owe Feed all yall grocery store Not singular that's plural Driven tracks thats a snorkel 10% exchange it a snorkel Waxing it all day she squirrel Diving into her portal Spin god or demi god mortal

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