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Variation Lryics

She ask to many questions Divide whole new section Upgrading my version Hyper drive a new dimension Executing that code function She turning back in motion Holding tight with passion At death she taking that pension We bounce all day shocks with suspension She take those strokes every action Eyes on me with affection All masses want your attention This is my show convention 431 those are my options She cast on the screen projection Holding her long we transition Stamp my tracks that impression Big pot Im getting that portion This all basic just addition She rev all day long my transmission My book real fact not fiction Aim on target got precision She a rainbow with division She repel all my extensions Built it up my foundation Jotted tracks my composition Drop that bomb explosion I touch that midus its golden Genie stacking all of the fortunes See no parents they orphan That corner be isolation Your mind confused with distortion Injection that circulation You feel bad lost with rejection We pack it all ammunitions We all gone termination We all human variation

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