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Plataeu Lryics

Sitting back drinking on the lime I am a steak in prime They say they got you but they don't They say they love you but they don't show Millions streams given awayba flow You picked it all day no affro Back and forth we go to and fro Never stops this my show Im really digging that camel toe My hits all night on or off the floor She loves her drinks real full so we pour My heart a little lonely I want more I'm about to fade away cut the cord Why you always tryna push me away Trying to make sure your ok See my love for you I don't play You walking in that sand bey Your smile is like a sunray Acceleration my tracks my Porsche We going real fast over 40 She wants assistance courtly Dont shit on me portee She wanting my inventory She whisper in my ear she horny Dont care about nigga care about the nigga before me Not class he a different course he Never outclassed I am OZ Dorothy Its getting hot tempore Fall off your bike and scrape your knee I am a magic taste savoury I see that want slaps for tree Groan man got Bill's that's some strong tea

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